Der Hauptmann von Köpenick (1956) - Helmut Käutner


Der Hauptmann von Köpenick (1956) Aka The Captain from Köpenick
Genre: Comedy | Drama
Language: German Subtitles: Spanish srt
Country: West Germany | Director: Helmut Käutner
Length: 93 min
Video quality: XviD
Size: 1.15GB

A young shoemaker is arrested for stealing a small amount of money, and is released after being jailed for 15 years. He wants to have a pass to get a job and start anew, but without a job he doesn't get a pass; and without a pass, he doesn't get a job. He gets into the net of Prussian bureaucracy, and can't see a solution. Until he enters a small Second-Hand Shop, and sees a Prussian Uniform that fits him like a second skin..

Heinz Rühmann ... Wilhelm Voigt
Martin Held ... Dr. Obermüller
Hannelore Schroth ... Mathilde Obermüller
Willy A. Kleinau ... Friedrich Hoprecht
Leonard Steckel ... Adolph Wormser
Friedrich Domin ... Jail Director
Erich Schellow ... Capt. von Schlettow
Walter Giller ... Willy Wormser
Wolfgang Neuss ... Kallenberg (as Wolfgang Neuß)
Bum Krüger ... Schutzmann Kilian
Joseph Offenbach ... Wabschke
Ilse Fürstenberg ... Marie Hoöprechtr, Voigts Schwester
Maria Sebaldt ... Auguste Viktoria Wormser, seine Tochter
Edith Hancke ... Sick girl
Ethel Reschke ... Pleureusenmieze
Siegfried Lowitz ... Stadtkämmerer Rosenkranz
Willi Rose ... Police sergeant
Willy Maertens ... Prokurist Knell




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Pablo Gustavo said...

Galmuchet, sería bueno, que en vez de robarte los enlaces de la película, pidas permiso para publicarlos.

galmuchet said...

links from the forum (heko124)

Pablo Gustavo said...

Pues los enlaces son míos.

galmuchet said...

Pablo Gustavo ... don't play a victim :-) heko124 as many other people repost or reupload links from the web ... that's life and sharing system! You're not the real owner [As for me ... all my rips are reupped and reposted all around the web... and the world continue to turn :-)]
Keep cool ...

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