Augsta dziesma (The Song of Songs) (1989) - Herz Frank 

Country: Latvia / Sovie Union
No Dialgoue

Childbirth. Painful entrance of the child into the world of God. Movie in general is about phenomenon of man in the world. About love, men and woman. About Life and the greatest joy that painfully comes with it.
The Song of all songs.

Woman suffers agonizing pain while laying in hospital. Closeups on her face full of suffer gives us clear idea of how intense that pain is. She has her man along side as a comfort and support. Later on camera clearly shoots child entering the World, with a help of a midwife. Pain is forgotten and the joy begins!

Size: 305 MB
Resolution: 704x512
Frame rate: 25.00 fps
Video bitrate: 4067 Kbps
Audio: Mp3 48000Hz stereo
Audio bitrate:128 Kbps

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