Uttara (The Wrestlers) (2000) - Buddhadev Dasgupta



Country: India
Language: Bengali

IMDB Comment: I found this movie absolutely arresting and poetic. The shots were beautiful and the characters serene. The dialect was so well orated by the actors. Tapas Paul is such a good actor. And its brave of him to experiment with such artsy films despite his urban star status.
Being away from my own home, I can relate to the importance of letters which later became phone calls and now emails.
Dasgupta is a class act and I love the way he picturizes his films and tells his stories. Its so beautiful and there is so much depth into the stories.
I wish to see more such films from our contemporary Bengali filmmakers because we are not really only pop culture.
Granted it could be slow for people who are used to the commercial cinema and Bollywood but this is a must see for all art lovers.


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sara said...

Thanks for the great movies.

If you find the time pls post some other links.
I understand the concept of receiving things for free thus not complaining. So besides the now begruntled rapidshare, I also have a hotfile account, thanks to the great movies posted by NLZ. But this filesonic thing... First I couldn't download if I chose the free option, now i get a warning for clickjacking. So I don't know if it really is the one to choose.

It's a pity, because the 2 bengali movies you posted look really interesting.

Keep up the good work nevertheless!

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