Partir Revenir (1985) - Claude LELOUCH

(Drame) Partir Revenir [DVDrip] 1985 Re-post

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France 27 Mar 1985
Realisation Claude LELOUCH

Avec Annie Girardot, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Richard Anconina, Michel Piccoli, Francoise Fabian, Evelyne Bouix, Erick Berchot, Charles Gerard, Jean Bouise, Monique Lange

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In 1985 Salomé Lerner publishes a book in which she recounts her life story. In a television interview with Bernard Pivot she agrees that her story would make a good film adaptation, a film entirely in music. Her brother was a talented pianist, which makes the tragedy of his death in a Nazi concentration camp, along with his mother and father, even more acute. Yet Salomé and her family came so close to avoiding this outcome. Living in Paris in 1943, they were able to escape from the Nazis, having been denounced by their concierge, and found a safe refuge in Dijon, at a chateau belonging to some friends, the Rivières. To avoid arousing the suspicion of the locals, the two families made it appear that Salomé was to be married to the Rivières’ son, Vincent. Alas, this idyll proved to be short lived...

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