PARK (2006) - Kurt VOELKER

(Comedy) PARK [DVDrip] 2006

XviD-1075 | mp3@128 | 640x352 | English (no sub) | 1h26 | 700 Mb

USA - Premiered in June 2006 CineVegas Festival
Directed & Written by Kurt VOELKER

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Set in a small, secluded, public park overlooking Los Angeles, PARK follows the stories of twelve, often hopelessly misguided characters as they all converge on the same location, mostly for very different and conflicting reasons. Far too sensitive for this world, APRIL (Dagney KERR) comes to the park determined to commit suicide, only to discover she's even worse at ending her life than living it. Equally ineffective, IAN (David FENNER) comes expecting a romantic interlude with his fellow dog groomer, the beautiful, Polish KRYSTA (Izabella MIKO) but soon discovers she has instead planned a very kinky rendezvous with DENNIS (Billy BALDWIN), a smug, self-satisfied lawyer.Complicating matters, Dennis's heartbroken wife PEGGY (Ricki LAKE) and her best friend CLAIRE (Cheri OTERI) come to catch Dennis and exact a dramatic and humiliating revenge. Amidst all this, four young coworkers arrive with take-out sushi, a meal that quickly turns interesting when NATHAN (Trent FORD) and TY (Maulik PANCHOLY) prove to MEREDITH (Anne DUDEK) and SHERYL (Melanie LYNSKEY) that they enjoy eating lunch in the nude.Add to this mix DARNELL (TREACH), a proud and explosive tow truck driver, and JAVIER (Francesco QUINN), a handsome park worker with an uncanny resemblance to Claire's perfect male fantasy, and you have all the key components of PARK -- a fast-paced, unpredictable, no-holds-barred comedy that attacks the emotional desolation of life in LA head on and will leave you incapable of ever seeing at your local, municipal park quite the same way again.


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Faniolita said...

Oh i loved that movie! i had so many laughs :D
thanx for this, was hard to find it by my self so to give the links to someone who wanted to see it!
watch this ;)

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