Mon Fils à Moi [My Son] (2007) - Martial FOUGERON

(Drame) Mon Fils à Moi [My Son] 2007 New-Rip

RIP+UP | XviD-1209 | mp3@192 | 688x368 | French (English, Portuguese, Serbian srt in file) | DVD Cover & Sticker | 1h19 | 800 Mb

France, Belgique 07 Mar 2007
Realisation Martial FOUGERON

Avec Marie Kremer, Nathalie Baye, Emmanuelle Riva, Olivier Gourmet

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Julien is adored by his mother. He is the centre of her world. Nothing can rival the love that she has for him. But too much love can be a dangerous thing... As he makes the transition from childhood to adolescence, Julien no longer appreciates his mother’s over-attentiveness. He finds it intrusive, overpowering, embarrassing. He wants to experience the freedom that his friends at school enjoy. He wants to have a girlfriend, visit his beloved grandmother whenever he chooses, to live as an ordinary teenager. But his mother is not prepared to give him up. Julien will always be her little boy. Julien’s father is too wrapped up in his work at the university to notice his wife’s increasing hostility towards their son. The only one to notice how miserable Julien has become is his older sister, but what can she do? In the end, Julien can no longer endure his mother’s tyranny of love...


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