Mavro livadi (Black field) (2009) - Vardis Marinakis

Greece, 1654. A seriously wounded Janissary arrives at a cloister situated on a cliff, and the sisters take him in and care for him. Sister Anthi, one of those who tends him, falls in love with the soldier and eventually helps him escape. The central focus of the film does not come out of its historical context but is derived from the relationship between the two main characters and, above all, from the quest for freedom and identity for young Anthi. The initially silent sister, hiding a surprising secret, discovers heretofore unknown desires that lead her to a radically altered view of herself.

And a few words about the film from the director:
Mavro Livadi (Black Field) is a cross gender love story inspired by true events that transcends time, religion and sexual identity. It is a dark fairytale for adults following in the tradition of films that narrate archetypal stories using strong visuals and mixing the sacredness, fear, poetry and beauty that surrounds human nature.
Mavro Livadi (Black Field) is a film about the struggle to find your own identity, the will to free yourself from the boundaries of society, and the exploration of diverted sexual orientation.

Film critics in Greece wrote that the film is visually impressive and compaired it (from this point of view) with Tarkovsky and Malick

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JayVee said...

English subs included in archive?

nhylo said...

No sub any were zip

warezcu said...

link no 3 doesn't work anymore. it stops after downloading %35. I tried at least ten times, and downloaded all the other files. Could you please reupload it? Regards,

Danny said...

Any English subs...........please .....

webfilippos said...

I've just downloaded this and this is totally nuked! Audio synch issues all over the film and the image looks kind of pixelated. Hold on a bit more and i'll post a better rip and subs.
I've watched the movie in theaters, and trust me it worths a better rip.

webfilippos said...

1080p- English & Frence subs!! That's what i was looking for!

Jo said...

There is only english subtitles and many are chopped half of the sentence ( maybe ripped badly).
Please reload full english subtitles

Carl Davis said...

links given above are sooo fake! You want the real movie? I have found the working link for the full movie!



This movie is one of my favorites!!! :)

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