Mademoiselle (2001) - Philippe LIORET

(Comedie Dramatique) Mademoiselle [DVDrip] 2001 2 Versions

From the web ... XviD-1346 | mp3@192 | 700x368 | 2 audio tracks Russian_1 French_2 (english, french srt) | 1h13 | 910 Mb or French audio only 807 Mb

FRANCE 21 Mar 2001
Realisation Philippe LIORET

Avec Sandrine Bonnaire, Jacques Gamblin, Isabelle Candelier

For the Frenchies -->

Claire is a highflier. She is married, with two children, and has a successful career with a major pharmaceuticals company. Pierre is an inconsequential actor. He scrapes a living performing improvisational acts at private functions, with his colleagues Karim and Alice. At a business presentation, Claire finds herself attracted towards Pierre, even though they have nothing in common. When she misses her coach, Claire accepts the offer of a lift from Pierre. Events conspire to prevent the couple from separating and they soon become aware of their deeper feelings for one another…


Screenshots with MPC

English, french srt -->

BivX version (Russian+French)

French audio only (english, french srt in file)
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