L'autre Dumas (2010) - Safy NEBBOU

(Comedie dramatique) L'autre Dumas [DVDrip] 2010

XviD-824 | mp3@132 | 576x240 | French (no sub yet) | Thx to O.U. | 1h41 | 700 Mb

France 10 Feb 2010
Réalisateur Safy NEBBOU

Avec Gérard Depardieu, Benoît Poelvoorde, Mélanie Thierry

For the Frenchies --> http://www.unifrance.org/film/30425/l-autre-dumas

Everyone knows that Alexandre Dumas is one of the giants of French literature, the author of such works as The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte-Cristo. What is less well-known is that many of Dumas’s great novels were written in collaboration with another writer, Auguste Maquet. To preserve his anonymity and allow Dumas to take the full credit for their work, Maquet was given a substantial fee. When Dumas is at the height of his literary success, Maquet decides to pass himself off as his illustrious partner, so that he can seduce Charlotte, one of Dumas’ most fervent admirers. As the 1848 revolution gets underway in Paris, Dumas and his ghost are about to come to blows...


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