Lachenite obuvki na neznayniya voin (1979) - Rangel Vulchano

Lachenite obuvki na neznayniya voin aka The Unknown Soldier's Patent Leather Shoes (1979) - Rangel Vulchano


Genres: Drama
Language: Bulgarian
Subtitles: English(Not Hardcoded)
Runtime: 1:20:44
Format: avi
Size: 698 MB
Resolution: 608 x 432



A middle-aged Bulgarian is watching the change of the guard in front of the Buckingham Palace. For no apparent reason, while looking, in his mind he gets back to his childhood in the little Bulgarian village, he grew up in. Different rites, different traditions and still he finds something in common. He recalls the people he knew, he feared or admired. He ponders over that life of no brilliance, where people plough, harvest, marry and die, celebrate or grieve. Miracle are also worked, conceived in a unlimited child's imagination. It is the child's perception of the world that helps us to give a meaning to the major questions of human existence.




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camir said...

again filesonic is not working! f*** This!

C S said...

I have no problem with Filesonic but I used a combination of both filesonic and fileserve to download the files. The only problem with filesonic, if you are using the free version, is that there is a 10-minute wait if you are downloading the next big file. This is no inconvenience for a free service!

Barry said...

Honestly ,Filesonic is pathetic. When it was sharingmatrix it was passable.
I am downloading the 3 files.
Speed is 15 kbps/11 kbps/22 kbps.
Even Hotfile's free downloads are over 200 kbps where I am. I am on cable broadband, but a fair distance from the telephone exchange.

piratebay said...

Mirrors are there...Make use of it

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