Groznica ljubavi [Fever of Love] (1984) - Vlasta Radovanović


DiVX / 619 MB / 1hr38 / 512x344
Director: Vlasta Radovanović
Writers: Vlasta Radovanović & Petar Brakus
Cast: Milan Štrljić, Aleksandra Simić, Velimir 'Bata' Živoinović, Maja Sabljić, Nenad Ćirić, Dragan Nikolić
Release date: 21.6.1984.
In Serbo-croatian / English sub
Genre: Drama
Country: Yugoslavia


Bane and Vesna are young couple in love. During her visit to Paris she finds out that she's pregnant, but inthe meantime Bane had affair with one of her friends. Disappointed, Vesna gave baby to her mother, and she contacts lawyer to literally sell their baby to German citizens, but when Bane finds out what is going to happen, he kidnapps baby and run with it on his motorcycle. His loyal friends will try to help him to hide from police.


English subs:



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