Forbrydelser (In Your Hands) (2004) - Annette K. Olesen

(In Your Hands)

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LANGUAGE: 1 Audio Tracks (Danish)
SUBTITLE: Spanish hardcoded

Director:Annette K. Olesen
Writers:Annette K. Olesen & Kim Fupz Aakeson
Country: Denmark
Year: 2004
Runtime: 101 min.
Genre: Drama | Dogma

Cast:Sonja Richter, Nicolaj Kopernikus, Lars Ranthe,

Anna, a newly graduated theologian, is married to Frank. They’ve been trying to have a baby for years, but so far in vain. The Lord doesn’t seem to want Anna to get pregnant. But when Anna is offered a temporary position as a prison chaplain, with special duties to the women’s block, her life is changed forever. As spiritual advisor to a group of people, who aren’t considered God’s best children, she meets Kate, who has just been transferred from another prison. Kate gets a special status right away. She is mysterious and reserved about her past and her crime. One of the inmates, Marion, has heard rumours that Kate possesses special powers, a rumour she confirms when she turns to Kate for help in overcoming her drug addiction.
The women’s prison block is controlled by the domineering Jossi, who supplies her fellow sisters with drugs. She is not pleased with Kate’s powers, as they are bad for business.
Anna is interested in getting to know the shy and reserved Kate, because of what Marion has said. However, Kate doesn’t need a spiritual advisor, and instead is attracted to Henrik, a quiet prison guard who sees the vulnerability behind her reserved exterior.
When Anna discovers that she is pregnant against all odds, the joy is, however, brief. They are told that their unborn child has a chromosome defect, which no doctor can predict the consequences of. Now, Anna is faced with an immense and serious choice. Should she choose the abortion she is offered? Should she choose to have faith in her God and take life - and her unborn child - as it comes? Or should she seek the aid of Kate, who may be able to do something with her hands?

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