Docteur Popaul (1972) - Claude CHABROL R.I.P.

... Comédie Hommage ... Docteur Popaul (1972) - Claude CHABROL

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France, Italy 1972
Realisateur Claude CHABROL († 12.09.2010)

Avec/Cast Jean-Paul Belmondo (Dr. Paul Simay), Mia Farrow (Christine Dupont), Laura Antonelli (Martine Dupont), Daniel Lecourtois (Prof. Dupont), Marlène Appelt (L’Infirmière Carole), Patrick Préjean, Henri Attal (La sourde), Dominique Zardi (L’Evêque), Daniel Ivernel (Dr. Berthier)

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Dr Paul Simay is a lady’s man who claims to prefer ugly women. He makes his point by winning a bet that he can sleep with the most ugly women in a year. He therefore has no qualms about marrying Christine, a paraplegic with buck-teeth, especially when her father is a wealthy doctor who can advance his career. His views change when he meets Christine’s beautiful sister, Martine. When she realises that Paul has been cheating on her and has given her sister a child, Christine decides to extract a cruel revenge...


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galmuchet said...

Claude CHABROL died today ... :-(

Softer said...

I was just seeing this movie yesterday. Thank you, Chabrol, for all your works.

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