Coup pour Coup (1972) - Marin KARMITZ

(Drame) Coup pour Coup [DVDrip] 1972 Re-post

RIP+UP | XviD-1262 | mp3@192 | 608x432 | French (English, Portuguese srt & English idx+sub in file) | 1h26 | 900 Mb

France, Allemagne 1972
Realisation Marin KARMITZ

Avec Simone Aubin, Jacqueline Auzellaud, Élodie Avenel ...

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Marin Karmitz's 1972 Coup pour Coup (Blow for Blow), a film about a group of women mounting a successful strike at a textiles factory, the nature of work is clear: there is exploitation (long hours, sexual harassment, physical exertion and foremen and women whose job it is to prevent you from slacking off),there is a site (the factory itself, which becomes a fortress complete with ad hoc crèche, kitchen and sleeping quarters during the strike) and there is an enemy (the boss himself, who is later held hostage in his office and forbidden to use the toilet, as the women themselves had been). The final scene is a freeze-frame of the workers united in struggle accompanied by a voice-over extolling the virtues of continued resistance'.

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