Canciones de amor en Lolita's Club (2007) Vicente Aranda

Canciones de amor en Lolita's Club (2007) aka Lolita's Club

Genre: Thriller
Director: Vicente Aranda
Country: Spain
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English (.srt file)
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 1.85:1
Length: 95mn
File: Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 640x352 - 25fps - 699mb

Eduardo Noriega ... Raúl Fuentes / Valentín Fuentes

Gangland Violence, prostitution, drug trafficking and money laundering make up the back drop to the story of Raul and Valentin. Identical twin brother with very different lives. Raul, a violent policeman who has been reprimanded due to his brutal conduct, is fixed firmly in the ETA and mafias sights. His brother, Valentin suffers from a mental disability, and has fallen in love with one of the prostitutes in the strip-club where he works. The brother's paths will cross again with disastrous results when Raul is suspended and returns home to visit his family.

Actor Eduardo Noriega plays a fantastic dual role as twin brothers, one a policeman the other mentaly disturbed, who fall in love with the same prostitute. Flora Martines as always is beautiful and plays an excelent roll as the twin brothers lover. Very entertaining.


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