Braća po materi (1988) - Maternal Half Brothers


DVD Rip / 700 MB / 1hr26
Directed by: Zdravko Šotra
Writer: Zdravko Šotra & Jovan Radulović
Cast: Žarko Laušević, Slavko Štimac, Mira Furlan, Petar Božović, Sonja Savić, Velimir 'Bata' Živoinović
Release date: 30.7.1988.
In Serbo-croatian / English,French,German,Slovenian srt
Genre: Drama / History
Country: Yugoslavia

Provoked, young Veselin kills his peer at a graduation party. In the jail, he receives a letter from his older brother, a political exile from Austria. Correspondence begins and his half-brother tells him the story of their homeland Dalmatia in late 1930s, when he was born from the marriage of Serb mother and Croat father, who later joins Croat Ustashas Army and dies in 1941. After the war, his mother marries the Serbian partisan soldier and Veselin is born, but bad reputation of Ustashas son still follows him. He flee across the border and joins the Ustasha movement in Austria. Through these contacts, their relationships evolve: from distrust and dislike for members of two different systems of the world, and to what binds them - that they are half brothers and both had violated laws of society.
This movie deals with complexe relations between Croats and Serbs in southern Croatia, which was populated with both ethnic groups for centuries before Operation Storm, a genocide towards Serbs which started in 1991 with help of the West. As we can see, movie also foresaw the upcoming wars and break-up of Yugoslavia.


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Lucky, Dusty and Tio Pete said...

thanks Galmuchet but the sub title file only has some sort of Slavic language, does not included English or French or German

Kazanzaki said...

Merci, galmuchet.

@ Lucky, Dusty and Tio Pete,

Si, les sous-titres mentionnés sont bien présents dans SUB/IDX.
Veiller à ce qu'ils portent le même nom et qu'ils soient dans le même dossier que le film.

Avec VLC, il faut "ouvrir un fichier" (SUB) et choisir le langage dans "piste de sous-titres".

galmuchet said...

as Kazanzaki said ... to read with VLC for instance (free on the web) the 3 files must be in the same folder (.avi & .idx+.sub) then in Video option choose subtitles track then the language you need ...

cmonman1982 said...

Sorry people, here comes the English:

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