Biće skoro propast sveta [It Rains in My Village] (1968) - Aleksandar Petrović

aka "Doomsday Is Coming"

DVD Rip / 673 MB / 1hr17 / 768x576

Director & Writer: Aleksandar Petrović
Cast: Mija Aleksić, Ivan Paluch, Annie Girardot, Eva Ras, Dragomir 'Gidra' Bojanić
Release date: 30.10.1968.
In Serbo-croatian / English srt
Genre: Drama
Country: Yugoslavia

Cult classic of Yugoslav Black Wave (1960s-70s), which was response to French nouvelle vague. The genre is often referred as "Persecuted film", being a finger in the eye of the system. Movie is set in small village in Srem, a flat and relatively rich county west from Belgrade (between rivers Danube and Sava), famous for swinebreeding and vineyards.
Local caffe owner is in quarrel with young swineherd Triša; In order to revenge, he persuades half-seas over Triša to marry mentally retarded girl from the village. In the meantime, in village comes young and attractive teacher (Annie Girardot), who seduces Triša. He then kills his wife, thinking that she may be an obstacle. His father admits murder, in order to save his son. But the truth will came out on light.


English subs:


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