The Beautiful Washing Machine (2004) - James Lee

The Beautiful Washing Machine


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Country: Malaysia
Year: 2004
Genre: Drama
Runtime: 1h 53mn
Language: Cantonese, Mandarin
Subtitles: English (hardcoded)
Director: James Lee
Loh Bok Lai ... Teoh
Yuhang Ho ... Short Thug
Berg Lee ... Ah Dee (The Son)
Danny Lim ... Supermarket Stalker
Len Siew Mee ... The Woman
Patrick Teoh ... Mr. Wong

Teoh (Loh Bok Lai) is a broken-hearted bachelor whose depression at his job causes him to be reprimanded by his superior. It seems his girlfriend has left him and he momentarily salves his misery by shopping for a washing machine. The one he purchases begins to malfunction driving him to wash his clothes by hand. When he calls the manufacturer about repairs he is told that the machine is out of production and there are no serviceable parts for him. He calls in an independent repairman who finds the machine in good working order but when he leaves the machine again breaks down. Teoh's relationship with the demanding machine reaches an interesting level, and at one point he can be seen dragging the machine into his bedroom to rest next to him as he watches television. One night he is awakened by the presence of a Woman (Amy Lin) in his kitchen sitting next to the washing machine. The woman moves in permanently and washes, cooks and cleans....

Teoh's second hand washing machine has a life of her own: she washes when she wants to and stops when she feels like it. When Teoh discovers the secret soul of this temperamental slave, he exploits her for all his other household chores. And then he pimps her out to strangers. When middle-aged widower Mr. Wong takes her in, his prodigal son immediately tries to seduce her, while his petulant daughter becomes more and more suspicious. In this off-kilter dark comedy, the effects of alienation and desperation in the increasingly commodified city of Kuala Lumpur will spiral before you like a dry spin in slow motion.

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