Tierra sublevada: Oro impuro (2009) - Pino Solanas



Documentary - Argentina - Spanish (NO Subs) - Director: Pino Solanas - 701Mo

Solanas’ most recent film to date, 2009’s Tierra sublevada: oro impuro, is dedicated “to those who defend our natural resources and environment,” and expands his concern to the environmental destruction that adversely affects the lives of the powerless. He investigates a minerals mine to expose a corrupt leasing process that allows corporations to export the near-totality of minerals extracted in exchange for kickbacks, leaving behind poisoned watersheds, acid rain and poverty. A glimpse at a new form of protagonism of the pueblo is seen in the presence at the popular mobilizations of the wiphala, the “rainbow squares” flag associated with Andean indigenous movements, which links the Argentine pueblo to those who have been powerful agents of change in Bolivia and Venezuela.

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