The Thief (1952) - Russell Rouse

The Thief stars Milland as Allan Fields, a nuclear physicist who has sold out to a foreign power. With only a few tinges of conscience, Fields sets about to steal vital scientific secrets and smuggle them out of the country. With the FBI on his trail, he briefly hides out in a rundown tenement house, where he inaugurates a desultory romance with a sluttish woman (Rita Gam, making her auspicious film debut). On the verge of escaping without detection, Fields is forced to commit a murder and things quickly go downhill from there.

  Password: None

Avi details:
Size: 715314 KB (698 MB)
Length: 01:26:26
Demuxer: avi

Resolution: 560 x 416
Aspect ratio: 1.3462
Format: XVID
Bitrate: 1049 kbps
Frames per second: 23.976

Format: mp3
Bitrate: 70 kbps
Rate: 32000 Hz
Channels: 2


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