Story of O part 2 (1984) - Eric Rochat

Title : Histoire D'O Numero 2 (1984) - Story of O Part 2
Language : English & French (no subtitle)
time : 01:42:37
Video: XVID 700x460 25.00fps 1799Kbps [Video 0]
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 192Kbps [Audio 1]
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 48000Hz stereo 192Kbps [Audio 2]
size : 1618MB (1697236444 bytes)

Film Director(s): Eric Rochat
cast  : Sandra Wey , Rosa Valenty , Manuel de Blas , Carole James , Eduardo Bea
story : O, the ultimate seductress, asks for nothing and gets everything. Her lover and protector, Sir Stephen invites her to debauch a business aquaintance and his family in an attempt to tarnish their image. Trained in the art of sexual perversion and bondage, O weaves her lurid craft and exposes the weakness of each in a charged and unashamed manner. As they reveal their most intimate fantasies, unaware the temptress garners information for her keeper, alarming confessions and libidinous behaviour liberate them from the bondage of their hypocritical lives. The encounters are disturbing yet enthralling. Originally banned from release in Europe, Director Eric Rochet paints a dark image of misplaced loyalty, corruption and satiated desires.

password : flafla
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62b64dc766b6193c301eccf1d8280d25  HDO2SOO2a.part01.rar
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929ee206ac2ba2a81c147c2ed2835d49  HDO2SOO2a.part03.rar
f5b977a017ab6224da443e221e66c8d0  HDO2SOO2a.part04.rar
772c505f1b771c29732c49d5fe54272f  HDO2SOO2a.part05.rar
baa777ff86124314c61baf26c39d996a  HDO2SOO2a.part06.rar
3a5dbf1583f9272dadfb0982309ffaa3  HDO2SOO2a.part07.rar
15116de2a921b8286e19ff5f094f6999  HDO2SOO2a.part08.rar
1d6839e2fe7af42fe320d3fbd1f116ad  HDO2SOO2a.part09.rar
ff24eba2191ef207b8930d8434c80a79  HDO2SOO2a.part10.rar
9c74c3eeacb7ef664f4d01def3fc35d2  HDO2SOO2a.part11.rar

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Kevin said...

Thanks for this movie!

Does anyone know if this is the hardcore or softcore edit?

flaflatw said...

This is softcore movie. (as far as I know, Eric Rochat never directed hardcore movie)

I did not know it exists a hardcore version of that movie

Kevin said...

I was basing that on the fact that IMDB lists two different run times and also tags this movie as 'Hardcore'...

maniswoman said...

I can't get sound to work I downloaded from fileserve any suggestions


flaflatw said...

No sound ? very strange
Did you try to play with VLC ?

galmuchet said...

Or change your codec pack for this one for instance K-Lite(free)

maniswoman said...

G'day again

plays great in vlc also downloaded k-lite and now real player sorta plays it whereas it wouldn't even open the file before but is in french and jerky but vlc does the job so thanks and cheers

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