Sans Moi (2007) - Olivier PLANCHOT

(Drame) Sans Moi [DVDrip] 2007 New Rip

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France 10 Oct 2007
Realisation Olivier PLANCHOT

Avec Clémence Poésy, Yaël Abecassis, Eric Ruf, Yannick Soulier, Vincent Martinez, Lorena Guerreau, Iroué Cedron

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Anna, a young divorcée in her thirties, hires a young woman, Lise, to look after her two children. As soon as this young stranger enters her house, Anna is immediately won over by her. Lise’s youthful joie de vivre is infectious and lights up Anna’s solitary days. But Lise is no ordinary girl. Ill-treated by life, victimised by a cruel world, she harbours dangerous passions. When she learns the truth, Anna takes pity on Lise, believing that she can exorcise the demons that torment her. Unfortunately, in trying to help Lise, Anna merely arouses her own devastating traumas...


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José, in Luxembourg said...

File no longer available (copyright reasons)

galmuchet said...

All my last topics denounciated to RS, that's the reason ... a long work to reupload all ...

galmuchet said...

new valid links ...

Zheniya Kirilenko said...

:D You're brilliant

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