Quicksand (Juego sucio) [2003] John Mackenzie

Quicksand (Juego sucio) [2003] John Mackenzie
Director: John Mackenzie | Writers/Guion: Timothy Prager, Desmond Lowden | Cast/Reparto: Michael Keaton, Michael Caine, Judith Godrèche, Rade Serbedzija, Matthew Marsh, Xander Berkeley, Jean-Yves Berteloot | Genre/Categoria: Drama, Crime, Thriller | Editor/Montaje: Graham Walker | Cinematography/Cinematografia: Walter McGill | Runtime/Duracion: 94 Min | Format/Formato: DvdRip, Color, NTSC, Avi | Language/Idioma: English/ingles, with Spanish subtitles included in rar files | Country/Pais: UK

FileSize: 1.28Gb | OverallBit Rate: 1931kbps | VideoFormat: Mpeg-4, DivX5 | BitRate: 1472Kbps | W: 640pix x H:480pix | DisplayAspectRatio: 4:3 | AudioFormat: AC3 @448br 6channels


Synopsis: British filmmaker John MacKenzie directs the crime thriller Quicksand, based on the book by Desmond Lowden. Michael Keaton plays Martin Raikes, a New York banker who goes to Monaco to investigate some questionable transactions. He discovers that the shifty bank account belongs to film producer Lela Forin (Judith Godrëche), whose next movie stars former action star Jake Mellows (Michael Caine). The production company turns out to be closely associated with a group of gangsters who wish Martin was out of the picture. They frame him for murder and make it look like his bank received a profit. Martin and Lela team up against the gangsters...

Una pista anónima lleva al empleado de banca norteamericano Martin Raikes (Michael Keaton), divorciado y con una hija, a la ciudad de Mónaco a investigar los sospechosos movimientos bancarios del grupo Lumiere, dedicado a la producción de películas. Allí conocerá a Jake Mallows (Michael Caine), un borracho y decadente jugador que fue un famoso actor de joven. Mientras lleva a cabo la investigación, Raikes se ve envuelto en una extraña conspiración, acusado de un crimen que no ha cometido, donde no le resulta fácil demostrar su inocencia...

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