Mariées mais pas trop (2003) - Catherine CORSINI

(Comedie) Mariées mais pas trop [DVDrip] 2003

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France, Belgique 09 July 2003
Realisation Catherine CORSINI

Avec Jane Birkin, Émilie Dequenne, Pierre Richard, Clovis Cornillac, Jérémie Elkaïm, Laurent Grévill, Amira Casar, Pierre Laroche, Henri Cluzel, Pierre Fox...

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Laurence, aged 20, is ready for love, but she always manages to fall for the wrong guy. After the death of her mother, she engages a private detective to track down her missing grandmother, Renée, who shares none of Laurence’s romanticism. For Renée, men are merely the means to an end: the wealth she needs for her luxurious lifestyle. Her seemingly foolproof system is to seduce a wealthy man, marry him, dispose of him as quickly as decency and opportunity will allow and then collect on the life assurance. Having been let down by her latest amorous adventure (with a young insurance salesman, Thomas), Laurence decides to follow her grandmother’s example and marry for wealth. Whilst she ties the knot with a rich garage owner, Renée hitches up with an ageing playboy. It is not long before both women grow tired of their new husbands and wish they were rid of them. Fortunately, fate is there to offers both of them a helping hand…


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