Lemonade Joe (1964) Oldrich Lipský

Lemonade Joe (1964) aka Limonádový Joe aneb Konská opera

Genre: Western | Musical | Parody
Director: Oldrich Lipský
Country: Czechoslovakia
Language: Czech
Subtitles: English (.srt file)
Aspect Ratio: Cinemascope 2.35:1
Length: 95mn
File: Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 640x256 - 25fps - 700mb

Lemonade Joe may well be the strangest Western ever put on film, and that may be in part because it was made in Czechoslavakia in 1964. It's obviously not a straight Western, it's a parody, therefore a comedy, but it also has a rather strange sense of humor to it. This is filmed (or tinted) in sepia and has the look of a 30's style western, but there the resemblance ends. Squeaky-clean Lemonade Joe rides into a whiskey-sodden frontier town & extols the virtues of Kola-Loka Lemonade, and befriends Winnifred, the daughter of local man who has been trying to push temperance on the uninterested town-folk. Eventually a lemonade bar is opened and the whiskey bar falls on hard times, but villainous sorts conspire to get rid of Lemonade Joe & go back to their old ways. Most interesting/amusing is some of the dialog, so pay attention. Also, the "torture" scene is worth seeing too, the build-up to that is great & the actual "torture" scenes are worthy of the Three Stooges. This may have some hidden meaning in regard to Communism or the political situation of the time but if so, that was lost on me and is history now anyway. This drags out all the old Western clichés, like a singing cowboy, a damsel in distress, and a frontier town that needs cleaning up, but there's much more to it than that & it's an interesting and weird film.


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