Lapualaismorsian (1967) - Mikko Niskanen

Rating: 6.3/1
Runtime: 90 min
Language: Finnish With English Hard Sub
Country: Finland
Color: Black and White
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Director: Mikko Niskanen
Kristiina Halkola ... Liisa Alatalo
Kirsti Wallasvaara ... Tenu
Aulikki Oksanen ... Lulu
Pekka Laiho ... Petteri, "Vihtori Herttua", student of Technology
Pekka Autiovuori ... Alpo, student of Technology
Jukka Sipilä ... Nipa, "Isotalo", student of Technology
Heikki Kinnunen ... Hessu, "Isotalo's helper", student

Description: A theater group is training for the play Lapualaisooppera.We see these young people hanging out and talking about what goes on around them.Also sexual matters are involved there and this girl, Tenu, becomes pregnant to Hessu.The director of this movie, Mikko Niskanen (1929-1990) was born 80 years ago today.He made such masterpieces as Kahdeksan Surmanluotia and Pojat.This is also a pretty good movie.This movie was made while they were fighting the Vietnam war so there's a strong anti-war message there.This is the make love not war generation.And they sing all these leftist songs.Some of them work OK.The young actors do a fine job.Some of them became pretty big later.Kristiina Halkola plays Liisa Alatalo, Kirsti Wallasvaara is Tenu while Aulikki Oksanen plays the part of Lulu.Heikki Kinnunen plays Hessu.Pekka Laiho is Petteri.Pekka Autiovuori is Alpo.The great late Jukka Sipilä plays the part of Nipa.Monica Aspelund, also singer plays Dancer.Kaj Chydenius plays himself.Jörn Donner, who was also writing this movie is seen as Speaker in occasion of burning military passports.Kari Franck, who was also writing this, is Vähätalo.Kalle Holmberg is himself.Vesa-Matti Loiri, who gave a great performance in Niskanen's Pojat plays Vesku.Director himself gives a fine performance as Professor.This movie won two Jussi Awards.Halkola got one for her performance and Niskanen for direction.Lapualaismorsian (1967) isn't too dated.It gives a good portrayal of the era.

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AKA Girl of Finland

Jussi Awards
1968 Won Jussi Best Actress (Paras naisnäyttelijä) Kristiina Halkola Tied with Liisamaija Laaksonen for Black on White (1968) and Vain neljä kertaa (1968).
Best Direction (Paras ohjaus) Mikko Niskanen Tied with Risto Jarva for The Diary of a Worker (1967).


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