Beyond the Law (1992) Larry Ferguson

Beyond the Law (1992) Larry Ferguson
Director: Larry Ferguson | Writers: Larry Ferguson | Cast: Charlie Sheen, Linda Fiorentino, Michael Madsen, Courtney B. Vance, Leon Rippy, Rip Torn, Dennis Burkley | Genre: Crime, Drama | Cinematography: Robert M. Stevens | Editors: Don Brochu, Robert C. Jones | Runtime: 108 Min | Format: DvdRip, Color, NTSC, MKV | Language: English | Country: USA

FileSize: 1 Gb | OverallBit Rate: 1298kbps | VideoFormat: AVC Mpeg-4, DivX5 | W: 600pix x H:450pix | DisplayAspectRatio: 4:3 | AudioFormat: AAC 2channels


Synopsis: Based on a true story, the film centers on Dan Saxon, a cop with a troubled childhood. He is enlisted by Conroy Price, an agent in Arizona's State Attorney General's office, to go undercover to bust the illegal drugs and arms trafficking. Saxon is unsuccessful until he meets and befriends Virgil, a mechanic who introduces him to the seedy world of outlaw bikers. Virgil tutors Saxon on bikes and customs of the outlaw motorcycle brotherhood. After many lessons and a major change in appearance Saxon develops an alter ego named Sid and ends up infiltrating the outlaw motorcycle brotherhood and earning the trust of Blood, the president of a local club. At the same time, he begins a relationship with a photojournalist, Renee Jason, who is aware of his dual life. As Saxon falls deeper into this world of crime, he becomes more unbalanced.

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