Asfalttilampaat (1968) - Mikko Niskanen

It is not so hard to be young than in the small town. Nowhere to be so hypocritical, so narrow-minded, so ill-intentioned, others are doing so accurate and so damning, when someone a bit different from any other, than there.
Directed by Mikko Niskanen Asfalttilampaissa 60-70 century, very male actor, Eero Melasniemi drag through the title role.
Ville Hermanni Lauttala, the young master's ferry, the man appointed as city dwellers, environmental fundamentalism will become a victim.
He and his summer love, Kirsti Wallasvaaran cast Liisa KANNINEN are doing and the omissions of the monitored eyes skinned.
Lauttala stamp of women elected, which comes to look back as the eye once a village neitokaisista bang thick and isäehdokasta sought to pay.
Asfalttilampaissa town, all idyllisyydessään, reveals a place where you need to get out.
Although asphalt sheep next evening to have elapsed since the second decade, it is still the subject of topical!



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Jussi Awards
1969 Won Jussi Best Cinematography (Paras kuvaus) Esko Nevalainen
Also for Black on White (1968) and Hot Cat? (1968).


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