West Bank Story (2005) - Ari Sandel

West Bank Story (2005) - Ari Sandel


Director:Ari Sandel
Writers:Kim Ray, Ari Sandel
Genre:Short, Comedy, Musical, Romance
Plot:A musical comedy set in the fast-paced, fast-food world of competing falafel stands on the West Bank
Runtime:21 min


Ben Newmark ... David
Noureen DeWulf ... Fatima
A.J. Tannen ... Ariel
Joey Naber ... Ahmed
Haguy Wigdor ... Ruvik
Oren Rehany ... Uri
Nicholas Massouh ... Mustafa
Will Greenberg ... Shlomo
Sharif Abrams ... Mahmoud / Masked Palestinian
Daniella Diezba ... Ludmila
Keith Lal ... Mohammed
Assaf Cohen ... Menorah Mickey
Raymond Del Barrio ... Bruce
Anthony Shams ... Palestinian Costumer
Roger Marks ... Israeli Customer


An attempt to parody the concerns of both sides in the Zionist/Palestinian conflict by spoofing West Side Story.



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Zeh said...

There's a problem with the .002 file. For some unkown reason this part doesn't opens correctly in any kind of media player. (VLC, Quicktime, WMP). Could you please re-post .002 part, Galmuchet or LADUGESA (LADUQUESA)? And thanks for this very nice film!

galmuchet said...

You cannot open directly with any media player

You must first join avi.001 & avi.002 (not with the html extension I suppose) with a joiner as HJsplit or Xtremsplit (free on the web)

Zeh said...

Oh, thank you Galmuchet!

Now, it's works!

Enrico said...

My dear Galmuchet, my friend. My problem is that I get two different type of files..One is a simple file (not avi and not hmtl) and the other one is a simpe avi so I can not join them. Any suggestion? I know this litthe jewel and I wanted to give it to somew friends.

Enrico said...

Aleluya. I made it. After downloading (believe it or not) 5 times I got two files that I could join. Why ? Don't ask me..Misteries of the web

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