Teenage Caveman (2002) Larry Clark

Teenage Caveman (2002)
Genre: Sci-Fi | Horror | Postnuke
Director: Larry Clark
Country: USA
Language: English
Subtitles: none
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 1.78:1
Length: 90mn
File: Dvdrip Xvid Avi - 608x352 - 25fps - 701mb

In a post-apocalyptic world, the few survivors live in huddled tribes, barely surviving. In one tribe, the ruler refuses to let the people slip into the sin that brought the old world to an end – and sex is banned. He does, however, permit himself the pick of young girls for himself. When he selects his son's girlfriend, David is forced to kill him to protect her and is then left to die in the wilderness as punishment. His friends decide to rescue him and head off into the wilderness, where they find one of the fallen cities of the old world. Walking into it, they get caught in a storm and wake up in a modern (well, old-fashioned) apartment with beautiful young couple Neil and Judith. Quickly the group discover that the restrictions of the caves are gone and the old ways of sex, drink and drugs are the very things of daily life. However it also becomes quickly evident that things are not what they seem.

Much of my pleasure in watching Clark's "Teenage Caveman" arose from the conflict between what the title generically implies and what Larry Clark made; I couldn't believe the producers (Samuel Arkoff supposedly amongst them) didn't stop him when it became clear that the film would have very little of the feel of an old sci-fi drive-in picture (a la Roger Corman). Despite the marketing, this film isn't at all nostalgic. Instead of looking backwards, in fact, "Teenage Caveman" is more akin to Clark's previous film, "Bully"-- it's about RIGHT NOW. In this it's actually true to the sci-fi tradition, using the distance of time and setting to create a safe space for criticism of our own time and place. And I personally think that it's frighteningly accurate in many ways, portraying a certain type of glamorized youth culture with an unusual mixture of realism and moralizing (whether one likes it or not, it seems a bold move these days). I imagine that it will be some time before this film either finds its audience or creates one, but I hope that it happens. It's an interesting and outrageous film, and I found it both relevant and entertaining.


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