Someone Like You ... (2001) - Tony GOLDWYN

(Comedy Romance) Someone Like You ... (2001) Re-post

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USA 2001
Director Tony GOLDWYN

Cast Ashley Judd (Jane Goodale) Greg Kinnear (Ray Brown) Hugh Jackman (Eddie Alden) Marisa Tomei (Liz) Ellen Barkin (Diane Roberts) Catherine Dent (Alice) Peter Friedman (Stephen) Laura Regan (Evelyn)

Cast adrift, Jane accepts a roommate offer from her womanizing colleague Eddie (X-Men's Hugh Jackman), who's been nursing his own heartbreak with lots of casual sex. You can see where this is going, and actor-director Tony Goldwyn (following his underrated drama Walk on the Moon) doesn't offer any surprises. But Goldwyn is alert to the comedy of human foibles, and the movie peaks when Jane's defenses are down and Judd's appeal shines at full intensity. At her best, Judd makes an average script better than it has a right to be, and while Kinnear perfects his smarmy routine, Jackman matches them both with star-making sincerity. Someone Like You won't win any awards for originality, but it's universal in its comedic sympathy for the brokenhearted.


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