Sacrificio: Who betrayed Che Guevara? (2001)

Sacrificio: Who betrayed Che Guevara? (2001)
Directors: Erik Gandini, Tarik Saleh | Cast: Jon Lee Anderson, Ciro Bustos, Régis Debray, Erik Gandini, Pierre Kalfon, Gary Prado, Felix I. Rodriguez, Tarik Saleh, Mario Teran, Humberto Vázquez, Fidel Castro, Ernesto 'Che' Guevara | Genre: Documentary | Cinematography: Lukas Eisenhauer, Mårten Nilsson | Editor: Johan Söderberg | Awards: 2 wins | Runtime: 60 Min | Format: DvdRip, Color, NTSC, Avi | Language: Englishm, Swedish, Spanish, with English, Spanish, French & Turkish subtitles included in rar files (srts) | Country: Sweden


Synopsis: This documentary does not take the traditional look at the assassination of the beloved revolutionary. Instead, SACRIFICIO: WHO BETRAYED CHE GUEVARA allows Ciro Bustos, a former member of Guevara’s inner circle and the man blamed for his death, to tell his story.
A comment from a viewer:
A word on a couple of the people interviewed here. One Felix Rodriquez of Bay of Pigs and Iran Contra infamy, a notorious soldier of fortune gets to put his two cents worth in since he was in on the capture of Che. Mark this- this is the rank and file face of the enemy of the peoples of the world and believe what he has to say at your peril. The second is Debray himself. Whatever his mistakes that led to Che's capture and I believe that they were, if anything errors of judgment, in Bolivia he is now a case study in the demise of revolutionary integrity that swamped the Generation of '68 once the revolutionary wave ebbed. Debray was no mere maverick leftist journalist but essentially Fidel's man in Europe. For those with short memories, or who were not alive then, Debray authored a book called Revolution Within the Revolution, a book that debunked the traditional Marxist notions of the centrality of the urban working class as the focal point of revolution and touted the `purity' of the guerilla strategy as the way forward toward socialism. Of course this petty bourgeois professorial `philosopher' now has political amnesia on that subject. Unfortunately, many a Latin American youth would up dead or in prison trying to fight for that perspective. Honor their sacrifice. No honor to Debray from these quarters.

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It's my impression that at the time of Che's capture, revolutionaries were quite unsophisticated about how skillful the CIA was at infiltrating very small close knit revolutionary groups. I have always understood that someone Che knew and trusted gave him up. I also want to believe present day leftists are far more sophisticated about dealing with this reality - which is one reason I believe the Zapatistas (with their decentralized leadership) have been so successful. I write about my own close encounter with street and level informants and other spooks in my recent memoir THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY ACT: MEMOIR OF AN AMERICAN REFUGEE (I currently live in exile in New Zealand).

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