Petit Indi [Little Indi] (2009) Marc Recha

Petit Indi [Little Indi] (2009) Marc Recha
Director: Marc Recha | Writers: Nadine Lamari, Marc Recha | Cast: Marc Soto, Eulalia Ramon, Sergi Lopez, Eduardo Noriega, Pere Subirana, Lluis Marco, Luis Minarrro, Agusti Villarona, Paco Poch | Genre: Drama, Foreign | Cinematography: Hélène Louvart | Editor: Nelly Quettier | Runtime: 87 Min | Format: DvdRip, Color, NTSC, Avi | Language: Catalan, Spanish, with French & Spanish subtitles included in rar files (srt) | Country: Spain

FileSize: 1.20Gb | OverallBit Rate: 1959kbps | VideoFormat: Mpeg-4, Xvid | BitRate: Kbps | W: 720pix x H:304pix @1758kbps | DisplayAspectRatio: 2:35:1 | AudioFormat: -AC3 @192br 2channels


Synopsis: Marc Recha directed and co-wrote this grim drama of a family struggling to stay together against long odds. Arnau (Marc Soto) is a seventeen-year-old boy who is living on the edge of Barcelona with his sister Sole (Eulalia Ramon) and brother Sergi (Eduardo Noriega). Arnau loves animals and seems to have a knack for communicating with them; he keeps birds and teaches them to sing, he's found and is caring for a wild fox, and with his Uncle Ramon (Sergi Lopez) he's tending to racing greyhounds at a local dog track. But Arnau's gift with animals isn't helping much with his current problems; his mother is in prison, and while he and his siblings are convinced that the right lawyer could get her conviction overturned, they don't have the money to pay one. One of Arnau's birds has won several prizes, and he decides he's willing to part with the bird for the right price if it means freedom for his mother. But as Arnau arranges to sell his best bird, a simple errand goes horribly wrong and suddenly the family's hopes are cruelly dashed. Petit Indi (aka Little Indi) was an official selection at the 2009 BFI London Film Festival.

The files have been split with WinRar, no password. links: links:

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Estrenos de Cine 2009 said...

megaupload links in parts 6 and 11 are repeated, no part 7.

wolf044 said...

There are two 06 rar files.I renamed the 2nd "06 rar" file into "07 rar" on megaupload and decompressed with winrar. It works!

JayCam said...

That happens because when uploading on MU we have to freaking name the files individually and therefore bound for errors to happen during the naming process. Thanks for the note guys, also, the links are interchangeable between RS & MU, just in case.

ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ said...

any chance for english subs? :(

JayCam said...

ΓΙΑΝΝΗΣ, I don't have any, the version I had only came with Spanish & French, sorry/

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