Made In Britain (1982 - Alan Clarke

UK 1982
Directed by Alan Clarke
76 min.
DVD rip
In English / No subs
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Tim Roth made his screen debut in this British made-for-TV film. And an auspicious debut it is. The 20 year-old Roth plays 16 year-old Trevor, an antisocial, sociopathic skinhead. He is a loner and spends most of the film ranting on about wankers, wogs and nig-nogs. This came out at a time of great upheaval in British society, with anti-Thatcher riots all over the country. This seems to distill all that strife into one person. The streets Trevor roams at night are deserted as he howls "BOLLOCKS!" to no one in particular.
Like Edward Norton in American History X and Russell Crowe in Romper Stomper, he is an "intelligent skinhead", and has an impassioned speech about his misguided ideas of social revolution, somehat akin to Manson's "Helter Skelter". And he does have that ridiculous swastika tattoo on his forehead (something that real British skins howled with laughter about).
Directed by Alan Clarke (Scum), this is a bare-bones realistic film. Roth gives a great performance, clearly heralding the star he was to become. There is theme music by The Exploited (though this is a strange choice as they were never a skinhead band. A better choice would have been Skrewdriver. Or even Sham 69).

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