The MacKintosh Man [Le Piège] (1973) - John HUSTON

(Thriller) The MacKintosh Man [Le Piège] 1973

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UK_USA 1973
Director John HUSTON

Cast/Avec Paul Newman (Joseph Rearden), Dominique Sanda (Mrs. Smith), James Mason (Sir George Wheeler), Harry Andrews, Ian Bannen, Michael Hordern, Nigel Patrick, Peter Vaughan, Roland Culver

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Joseph Rearden (Newman), an agent of British Intelligence arrives in London and makes a rendezvous with Mackintosh (Andrews), the head of his organisation in a discreet office located just off Trafalgar Square. Mackintosh and his deputy, Mrs Smith (Sanda), inform him of a simple way to steal diamonds which are transported via the post service to avoid attention. This he does, apparently getting successfully away after punching a postman, and making off with the diamond-filled parcel. However, that evening, in his hotel room he is paid a visit by two Metropolitan Police detectives who have received an anonymous phone call advising them about the robbery. They are unconvinced by Newman's pretence to be an innocent Australian who had recently arrived in London.


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