La tregua [The Truce] (1974) Sergio Renán

La tregua [The Truce] (1974) Sergio Renán
Director: Sergio Renán | Writers: Sergio Renán, Aída Bortnik (Novela: Mario Benedetti) | Cast: Héctor Alterio, Ana María Picchio, Luis Brandoni, Marilina Ross, Cipe Lincovsky, Oscar Martínez, Aldo Barbero, Juan José Camero, Carlos Carella, Cipe Lincovsky, Walter Vidarte, China Zorrilla, Norma Aleandro, Hugo Arana, Lautaro Murua | Genre: Drama, Romance, Foreign | Cinematography: Juan Carlos Desanzo | Editor: Óscar Souto | Awards: Nominada al Oscar: Mejor película de habla no inglesa (1974) | Runtime: 102 Min | Format: DvdRip, Color, NTSC, Avi | Language: Spanish, with English subtitles (srt) | Country: Argentina

FileSize: 698Mb | OverallBit Rate: 953kbps | VideoFormat: Mpeg-4, Xvid | BitRate:812 Kbps | W: 544pix x H:416pix | DisplayAspectRatio: 4:2:0 | AudioFormat: Mpeg @128br 2channels


Synopsis: The Truce (Spanish: La tregua) is a 1974 Argentine film directed by Sergio Renán and co-written with Aída Bortnik, based on the eponymous novel by Mario Benedetti. It was the first Argentine film to be nominated for an Academy Award (the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film). The film opens on Martín Santomé's (Héctor Alterio) 49th birthday, a widower and the father of three children: the eldest, the embittered Esteban (Luis Brandoni); the caring middle-child Blanca (Marilina Ross) and Jaime (Oscar Martínez), a closeted homosexual. He goes to work thinking they have forgotten his birthday, and once at the office, he assigns two new employees to their jobs: the effeminate, nervous Santini (Antonio Gasalla) and the young Laura (Ana María Picchio), with whom he soon develops a bond. Back home, Martín is surprised with a party thrown by his children. After having a one-night stand with a woman he met on the bus (Norma Aleandro), Martín starts going through a series of events that alter his life completely. Santini has a nervous breakdown at work and rants against the complacency of his co-workers; he is subsequently replaced, though the breakdown marks Martín and forces him to look at his own life...

Martín Santomé, un viudo con tres hijos, comienza a registrar en un diario íntimo la cotidiana vida de la oficina y la de un hogar desunido. Un día, en las vísperas de su jubilación, irrumpe en su vida la joven Laura Avellaneda, y Martín descubre que aún está vivo. Poco a poco van superando los prejuicios por la diferencia de edad, permitiéndose correr riesgos para apostar por una relación amorosa que está empezando a dar sus primeros pasos...

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