La cáscara [The Rind] (2007) Carlos Ameglio

La cáscara [The Rind] (2007) Carlos Ameglio
Director: Carlos Ameglio | Writer: Carlos Ameglio | Cast: Juan Alari, Carlos Ameglio, Filomena Gentile, Soledad Gilmet, Horacio Marassi, Augusto Mazzarelli, Virginia Ramos, Walter Reyno, Paola Venditto, Martin Voss, Virginia Ramos, Paolo Venditto | Genre: Comedy, Drama, Foreign | Cinematography: Juan Carlos Lenardi | Editor: Sebastián Cerveñansky | Runtime: 105 Min | Format: DvdRip, Color, NTSC, Avi | Language: Spanish, sorry no subs | Country: Uruguay, Argentina, Spain

FileSize: 701Mb | OverallBit Rate: 930kbps | VideoFormat: Mpeg-4, Xvid| BitRate: Kbps | W: 720pix x H:394pix | DisplayAspectRatio: 4:2:1 | AudioFormat: Mpeg @128br 2channels


Synopsis: An advertising creative dies unexpectedly while working on an idea for the launch of an anti-cold pill. From then on Pedro, one of his old colleagues, begins an intricate search in order to discover the departed's idea, taking over his place and making use of his original notes and thoughts. Along the way Pedro comes across an orphan, a street child that will unconsciously and eventually lead him to a new and singular idea.

Un creativo publicitario muere repentinamente mientras trabaja en la idea para el lanzamiento de un antigripal. A partir de aquí, Pedro, su antiguo compañero, comienza una complicada búsqueda tratando de dar con la idea del muerto, usurpando su lugar y haciendo uso de apuntes y pensamientos dejados por el otro.

The files have been split with WinRar, no password. links:

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sudzy said...

Are there subtitles \. It would be good to post this info.

JayCam said...

My friend, read the post, it has been clearly indicated, | Language: Spanish, sorry no subs |

sudzy said...

oops! See now. :-)

Isabel said...

Estimado, aparentemente la parte 9 está incompleta, lo intenté más de una vez y no hay caso, podrás ver que pasa? Mil gracias

JayCam said...

Isabel: expandi todas las partes sin problemas, no me dio error alguno. Trata lo siguiente:
1. RT click the on 1st file segment (XXX.part1.rar)
2. Select "WinRAR > Extract Files..." in the context menu that opens.
3. A WinRAR window will open to let you select where you want the archive to be extracted.
4. You must make sure that the "keep broken files" option is selected, near the bottom left side of this window!
5. Then click the "save settings" button to make this the default & OK to start unpacking.

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