Intimes Connexions (2002) - Bruno Costes, Bruno Garcia

Title : Intimes Connexions (2002) - International Title : Intimate Connections - TVRIP
Language : French (no subtitles)
time : 01:27:07
Video: DIVX 768x576 25.00fps 1004Kbps [Video 0]
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 22050Hz stereo 96Kbps [Audio 1]
size : 693MB (727148032 bytes)

Film Director(s): Bruno Costes, Bruno Garcia
Cast  : Alexandre Hai, Ceciclia, Gerard, Maud Kennedy, Angelina, Nicolas Nasty
Story : Trapped in his own lies, Arnaud is manipulated by a mysterious correspondent on the internet to which he sent some erotic pictures of his girlfriend and the girlfriend of his boss. Threatening Arnaud to reveal the whole truth, his anonymous correspondent forced him to move further and further in erotic scenari that he must photograph and send to him. Arnaud is not long to supect one of his relative.

In French : Arnaud travaille depuis peu dans un cabinet de recrutement. Il se connecte sur un nouveau service Internet par l'intermédiaire duquel il envoie des photos d'Angélique, sa fiancée, à un inconnu. Les clichés ne dévoilent que le corps de son amie, son visage étant dissimulé. Régis, son patron, le surprend en plein échange. Arnaud se voit alors confier un contrat important, tout en continuant sa correspondance particulière sur le Net. Cette fois il va plus loin et envoie des photos de Claudine, la secrétaire de la société et petite amie de Régis, le visage découvert. Son interlocuteur, qui connaît la jeune femme, le fait chanter...

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Le Lilloisien said...

link "fileserve" is dead

flaflatw said...

No, the link on fileserve is available.
May be it depends on the country ? (I've checked the links 5mn ago from France)

flaflatw said...

I forgot to say : I've checked with Firefox (may be also depending on the browser)

Wael said...

i just dont understand why would anyone share a file that is password protected? let alone posting the wrong password code.

flaflatw said...

Don't understand your problem, the password is correct

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