Corazón del tiempo [Heart of time] (2008) Alberto Cortés

Corazón del tiempo [Heart of time] (2008) Alberto Cortés
Director: Alberto Cortés | Writers: Hermann Bellinghausen, Alberto Cortés | Cast: Rocío Barrios, Francisco Jiménez, Leonardo Rodríguez, Marisela Rodríguez, Doña Aurelia | Awards: 1 win & 1 nomination | Genre: Drama, Foreign | Cinematography: Marc Bellver | Editors: Lucrecia Gutiérrez Maupomé, Alberto Cortés | Runtime: 90 Min | Format: DvdRip, Color, NTSC, Mkv | Language: Spanish, with English, Spanish, French & Italian subtitles included in mkv file | Country: Mexico, Spain

FileSize: 1.19Gb | OverallBit Rate: kbps | VideoFormat: AVC-4, DivX5 | BitRate: Kbps | W: 720pix x H:480pix | DisplayAspectRatio: 16:9 | AudioFormat: AAC @224br 2channels


Synopsis: In La Esperanza de San Pedro, Chiapas, in the midst of the Zapatista struggle, Sonia, a member of the community, is about to be married. Her dowry, a cow, has been delivered. Her boyfriend’s family has been spoken to… However, Sonia is in love with another: an insurgent. Now, the EZLN (Zapatista Army) has a problem on their hands and the entire community must come together so that the voice of its members can be heard and respected; and so that duty may be overcome by love...

En la Esperanza de San Pedro, Chiapas, en medio de la lucha zapatista, Sonia, miembro de la comunidad, va a casarse. Ya se dió la dote: una vaca, ya se habló con la familia del novio… Pero Sonia está enamorada de otro: un insurgente. Ahora el EZLN tiene un problema y habrá que resolverlo con toda la comunidad para que la voz de sus miembros se escuche y se respete; y sobre la imposición, triunfe el corazón...

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