But I'm a Cheerleader (1999) - Jamie Babbit

This candy-box colored comedy of sexual discovery chronicles the life of Megan, a typical teenager coming of age in anything but a typical fashion. Megan's super normal suburban existence is filled with friends, pom-poms and rah-rah enthusiasm until her straight-laced parents suspect that their "little poodle" may, in fact, be showing deviant tendencies.
In a complete panic, Megan's parents elicit the help of her friends and the guidance of a rehabilitation camp, True Directions, to mount an all out intervention. Mike, ex-gay and True Directions counselor, leads the intervention and before Megan can pack her pom-poms, she is whisked off to learn how to be a perfect woman.
True Directions is run under the strict, all seeing eyes of the sadistic Mary. Megan dutifully gets with the deprogramming so she can return to her life of boyfriends, football games, and her absolute favorite activity -- cheerleading. Everything seems perfect, but the fun begins when her hormones start to rage and her friends and family wonder where she'll find love.
English | Xvid 1578kbs | 84min. | 720 x 400 | MP3 128kbs | 1000MB
Subtitles: English, Spanish, Czech, Polish, Portuguese, Estonian, Croatian, German, Finnish, Italian
Genre: Comedy | Romance


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