Batman: under the Red Hood (2010) Brandon Vietti

Batman: under the Red Hood (2010) Brandon Vietti
Director: Brandon Vietti | Writer: Judd Winick | Cast: (voices) Bruce Greenwood, Jensen Ackles, John Di Maggio, Neil Patrick Harris, Wade Williams, Carlos Alazraqui, Robert Clotworthy, Gary Cole, Brian George, Kelly Hu, Phil LaMarr, Alexander Martella, Vincent Martella, Jim Piddock | Genre: Action, Animation | Runtime: 75 Min | Format: DvdRip, Color, NTSC, Avi | Language: English, with Spanish & English subtitles included in rar files (sub/idx) | Country: USA

FileSize: 1.04Gb | OverallBit Rate: 1967kbps | VideoFormat: Mpeg-4, DivX5 | BitRate: Kbps | W: 800pix x H:450pix | DisplayAspectRatio: 16:9 | AudioFormat: AC3 @384br 6channels


Synopsis: Batman finds himself trapped in a mysterious underground world, while the Black Mask successfully conquered the underworld of Gotham City and crown himself as king. Then, another hero showed up, called the Red Hood - who wear a Red Hood -, destroying the power of Black Mask, piece by piece. Red Hood have many ways in common with Batman. If there is an award for Best Hero of Gotham City, Red Hood will be the toughest rival for Batman. But one thing that distinguishes between Batman and Red Hood is cruelty. While Batman prefers to knock the criminals unconscious and arrest them, Red Hood would rather k1lled them directly. At first, Batman doesn't put too much attention to the presence of Red Hood, considering him as another insane mobster who seeks popularity in Gotham City. But after several encounters, Batman begins to suspect a relation between Red Hood with his past. And that past is the dark one. Meanwhile, Black Mask was desperate because of his crumbled kingdom. In such critical situation, he sought help from someone who is able to stop the Red Hood. Who else could it be ... The Joker!

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