Barrio Cuba (2005) (Neighborhood) Humberto Solás [Reposted]

Barrio Cuba (2005) (Neighborhood) Humberto Solás [Reposted]
Director: Humberto Solás | Producers: Camilo Vives, Jorge Gomez, Santi Camunas, Isabel Prendes, Leonardo Gomez Blanco | Writers: Sergio Benvenuto, Elia Solás | Composer: Esteban Puebla | Editor: Nino Martinez Sosa | Cast: Jorge Perugorría, Isabel Santos, Mario Limonta, Adela Legrá, Luisa María Jiménez, Rafael Lahera | Runtime: 105 min | Country: Cuba | Language: Spanish, with English subtitles included with rar files (sub/idx) | Format: DvdRip, Color, NTSC.


Synopsis: Filmmaker Humberto Solas weaves together three stories of people struggling to find love and security on the margins of life in Havana in this poignant comedy-drama. Magalis (Luisa Maria Jimenez) is a nurse who has become the unwitting target of repeated romantic advances from Ignacio Mario Limonta), a man many years her senior who works in a lumberyard. One day, Ignacio is seriously injured while on the job, and he's taken to the hospital, where to his delight and her annoyance Magalis is assigned to look after him. Elsewhere, El Chino (Jorge Perugorria) is a truck driver who has fallen in love with Vivian (Isabel Santos), who works in a drugstore. Vivian and Chino's relationship is deeply passionate, and they're both delighted when she discovers she's pregnant. However, their joy turns to lingering grief when she suffers a miscarriage. And finally, Maria (Ana Dominguez) has been quarreling with her husband Santo (Rafael Lahera) and leaves him, which is worrisome for Santo since she's pregnant with his child. Eventually, Maria reconsiders and comes home, to the joy and relief of Santo and his mother Amparo (Adela Legra). However, the fates have decided their happiness will be short lived. Barrio Cuba received its American premiere at the 2006 Palm Springs Film Festival.

The files have been split and compressed with Winrar, no password. links:

No mirror links, Please!!!


elanecu said...

Thanks, JayCam.... but I get a CRC error however I try to extract. Download has 1 - 19 93.3 MB each... and 20 as 26.9. Subtitles extract, but .avi fails. Mac, Leopard, have tried with UnRar, RARmachine, Gumby... all show same error.

elangelgris said...

Try with 7zip. Is a good option

JayCam said...

If you were using a Win system I could give a few tips that most likely would solve the issues, being as you are, on a Mac, those workarounds will not work. If everything fails, copy the files on a thumb drive and decompress on a windows system.

NuNature said...

How do u extract it on 7-zip (Windows). It does not work :(

baldie said...

What a waste! rar parts 1,3 and 20 corrupt.

elanecu said...

Thanks, JayCam, for responding: but I don't think it's a Mac/Windows problem.... this is the first time there's been such an error with rar files (including many other of your own uploads). I think some file/files are corrupted, as baldie says. I checked the earlier upload too, but of course it has vanished. Thanks, anyway, for all your work.

Kadir inanir said...

here is the solution with winrar;

open "BCUBA.part01.rar" with winrar and select "tools" "repair archive" (or ALT+R)

After repairing complete close winrar.

Rename original file (BCUBA.part01.rar)to anything else (For example "corrupt.BCUBA.part01.rar")

Rename repaired archive (fixed.BCUBA.part01.rar) to "BCUBA.part01.rar" ->

Extract archive with winrar. It will say part3 is corrupt but continue operation.

At %99 (while unarchiving part20) pause the operation and copy the "Barrio Cuba.avi" file and subtitles to another location (ex. new folder)

resume or Stop the operation and delete the unnecessary files.

Now you can watch the movie with KMPlayer or VLC media layer.

PS. winrar cannot repair BCUBA.part03.rar but it is not a problem

any questions =

JayCam said...

thanks for the input Kadir, very valuable.

JayCam said...

For those complaining about corrupted files, follow the intructions below:
1. RT click the on 1st file segment (XXX.part1.rar)
2. Select "WinRAR > Extract Files..." in the context menu that opens.
3. A WinRAR window will open to let you select where you want the archive to be extracted.
4. You must make sure that the "keep broken files" option is selected, near the bottom left side of this window!
5. Then click the "save settings" button to make this the default & OK to start unpacking.

baldie said...

Thanks Kadir and JayCam for the info. I will bear that in mind for future use. Anyway I ended up using uTorrent and got the said file OK although it took ages.

T. said...

For Mac OSX, extract these files by UnRarX. Go to Preferences and click "Recurse Subdirectories" and "Keep Broken Extracted Files".

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