25 Watts (2001) Juan Pablo Rebella, Pablo Stoll

25 Watts (2001) Juan Pablo Rebella, Pablo Stoll
Drama, Foreign Directors: Juan Pablo Rebella, Pablo Stoll | Writers: Juan Pablo Rebella / Pablo Stoll | Cast: Daniel Hendler, Jorge Temponi, Alfonso Tort, Roberto Suárez, Carolina Presno, Federico Veiroj, Valentín Rivero, Valeria Mendieta, Gonzalo Eyherabide, Robert Moré, Ignacio Mendy | Genre:| Cinematography: Bárbara Álvarez | Editor: Fernando Epstein | Runtime: 94 Min | Format: DvdRip, Noir, NTSC, Avi | Language: Spanish, with English subtitles included in rar files (srt) | Country: Uruguay


Synopsis: Saturday morning, 7 o'clock, Montevideo, Uruguay. Leche, Javi and Seba are still up. Bored, they hang around the street and drink cheap beer. Leche has just stood in a dog turd and is convinced that this will bring misfortune. Soon he has an Italian exam, for which he will have to study hard. Unfortunately he is distracted by all kinds of things: he has fallen in love with his teacher, has to look after his senile grandmother and his moronic neighbour has lost his dog. Javi has already completed his studies. He has a terrible job and has to drive round the neighbourhood with a sound system on his car. All day he has to listen to the same dumb pasta commercial blaring out of his loudspeakers. The only ray of hope in his life is his girlfriend Maria, but she is about to dump him. Finally there is the quiet Seba, the youngest of the three, who always keeps bumping into the strangest types...

Spanish: Javi, Seba y Leche son tres amigos que se pasan el día sin nada que hacer. Reacios a trabajar, estudiar o compromoterse, su diversión consiste en juntarse en el barrio a fumar, beber y criticar...hasta que llega el domingo. Esta divertida comedia uruguaya con toques dramáticos fue escrita y dirigida en 2001 por Juan Pablo Rebella y Pablo Stoll, los directores de la exitosa Whisky, siendo su ópera prima en la dirección. Obtuvo numerosos premios internacionales.

VPRO Tiger Award (mejor película) y Moviezone Award (premio del Jurado Joven) en el 30º Festival Internacional de Cine de Rotterdam. Holanda, febrero 2001; VPRO Tiger Award y Premio MovieZone (Jurado Joven) 30 International Film Festival Rotterdam 2001; Mejor Actuación Masculina para Daniel Hendler, Alfonso Tort y Jorge Temponi / Premio FIRESCI III Festival Internacional de Cine Independiente de Buenos Aires; Mejor Guión y Premio "La Gran Ilusión Magazine" Festival de Cine Latinoamericano. Lima, Perú 2001; Mención Especial del Jurado Festival Internacional de Cine Cinema Jove Valencia; Mención Especial del Jurado Festival Internacional de Cine de Bogotá, Colombia; Mejor Largometraje VIII Festival de Cine Independiente de Barcelona L'Alternativa. España, 2001; Mejor Opera Prima Festival del Nuevo Cine Americano de La Habana, Cuba 2001.

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