Zusje (1995) Aka Little Sister

Rating: 7.4/10 1,173 votes »
Runtime: 88 Minutes
Language: Dutch with english hardcoded
Country: Netherland
Color: Color
IMDb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0115067/

Director: Robert Jan Westdijk
Kim van Kooten ... Daantje
Romijn Conen ... Martijn (as Martijn Zuidewind)
Hugo Metsers ... Martijn (voice) (as Hugo Metsers III)
Bert Pot ... Martijn (subjective camera)
Roeland Fernhout ... Ramon
Ganna Veenhuysen ... Ingeborg
Hannah Risselada ... Kleine Daantje
Michael Münninghoff ... Kleine Martijn (as Michiel Münninghoff)
Alenka Dorrele ... Moeder Zuidewind (as Alenka Dorrell)
Peter Idenburg ... Vader Zuidewind
Taco Keers ... Bas
Marianne Jeuken ... Bovenbuurvrouw
Carl Wünderlich ... Marktkoopman
Herman Brood ... Bovenbuurman
Eulalia Montseré ... Spaanse vriendin


This disturbing yet highly distinguished Dutch film follows the (seemingly)
incestuous obsession of a young man and his long estranged sister. Using a subjective camera,
it is mostly filmed from the perspective of the young man, Matthew, who in turn uses a camera to film his sister
Daantje (Kim van Kooten). The siblings haven't seen each other in years,
and Daantje is not pleased to have her brother pushing his way into her life and filming her every move with his camera.
It seems she and he share an uncomfortable secret, shown via Super-8 film flashbacks
in which their parents found them in a seemingly compromising situation on one of her birthdays.
But neither the flashbacks nor the present day filming tell the full truth and later,
when Daantje steals the camera away from Matthew, the reality of the little escapade is revealed.

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