Zamri, umri, voskresni! [Freeze, Die, Come To Life!] (1989) - Vitali Kanevsky

Directed by Vitali Kanevsky
USSR 1989
AVI file 1.54 GB
In Russian (English subs in last download)

A great film that takes place in Siberia in 1947. The story of childhood friends Valerka and Galia. The title comes from a child's game. The film has a gritty black and white look that actually looks to be from the 40's. Amid the starkly beautiful Siberian wasteland, the kids deal with life amid Soviet exiles and left-over Japanese prisoners-of-war. Kind of like a cross between Tarkovsky and Truffaut. Highly recommended.
Winner of the Golden Camera Award at Cannes 1990.

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