Yoshiwara enjo (1987) aka Tokyo Bordello - Hideo Gosha

Rating: 7.0/10 31 votes
Runtime: 132 Minutes
Language: Japanese With Chinese Subs
Country: Japan
Color: Color
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Director: Hideo Gosha
Yûko Natori ... Hisano Ueda
Rino Katase ... Kikugawa
Jinpachi Nezu ... Shinsuke Furushima
Sayoko Ninomiya ... Hisashige
Mariko Fuji ... Yoshizato
Noriko Hayami ... Ayame
Tonpei Hidari ... Yoshimatsu
Junichi Inoue ... Miyata
Yumi Iori ... Prostitute
Choichiro Kawarazaki ... Zennosuke Echigoya
Ittoku Kishibe ... Kuni-san
Kyôko Kishida ... Narrator
Beat Kiyoshi ... Gen-san
Nenji Kobayashi ... Giichi Tsubosaka
Toru Masuoka ... Noguchi
Aoi Nakajima ... Minehan's owner
Mikio Narita ... Asaji Kon
Mineko Nishikawa ... Kobana
Mami Nomura ... Oharu
Ken Ogata ... Police man
Sumie Sasaki ... Sumi Okura
Kayako Sono ... Ochika
Naoto Takenaka ... Sakurada
Sô Yamamura ... Isaburo Okura
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A ruined businessman was forced to sell his daughter, Hisano, to a brothel in Yoshiwara, the largest red-light district in Tokyo. The owners of the brothel has hopes make her a great new addition which will attract the richest of customers. But after several months of training, she tries to flee Yoshiwara when the time has come for it to take her first customer...

Others Description

Back in the Edo period, Edo's Yoshiwara and Shimabara in Kyoto, Osaka, spray the new town was the most well-known flower Willow Lane. To the Meiji period, Japan's Yoshiwara shop around Asakusa's most famous Mai Chun shop. And said she was famous, not only because she was a concentration of Japan's Mai Chun, everywhere whore exhibition in Japan, maintaining a tradition of Japanese brothels, more importantly, she has been permitted by the policies of Japan ** is an open Maichun shop. The "Yoshiwara Conflagration" is less a reflection of Japan's Meiji Yoshiwara prostitutes career video store.

In order to help the family pay off their debts to the Asakusa is a long time the only one open Maichun's Yoshiwara shop, but as a former shop in Kyrgyzstan only a virgin is a long time, even understand their own had become a fancy entertainment, and being despised prostitutes, but the first time when selling their flesh, but still can not accept this fact. Until earlier than she came in Kikuko person how to be a prostitute she was a professor, how to wait on men started ... ...

Is looking for a long time been popular earlier than their sisters came in from the killing was not mad, that means the color yield of TB and died, and even know how to teach my own sister, Kikuko Nannvzhishi the prostitutes could not escape the fate of the re-start have become thoroughly disgraced his whore ... ... and finally the Yoshiwara shop ever become a "status" of the Courtesan - just need to wait on those packages under their own patronage can be, and although the sisters lived more than any other "Happy" days can be a prostitute is a prostitute ... after all ...

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