Već viđeno [Deja Vu] (1987) - Goran Marković

in some countries known as "Reflections"

DVD Rip / 698 Mb / 1hr38 / 720x512

Director & Writer: Goran Marković
Cast: Mustafa Nadarević, Anica Dobra, Milorad Mandić, Petar Božović
Release date: 26.06.1987.
In Serbo-croatian / English srt
Genre: Drama / Horror / Psycho-Thriller
Country: Yugoslavia / UK

Story is set in 1971. Mihailo is a middle aged piano teacher, who wasted his exceptional talent mostly because of his childhood traumas which effected the rest of his life to the point of absolute mental decay. Now, he teaches piano in the educational centre. Most of his colleagues are taking him as a weirdo, who lives quiet and a lonely life. Everything changes when young and pretty girl (who held mannequin classes) shows up in the centre. Contact with her provoke strange phenomenon inside him: He feels like he saw all of this already before. His traumas from the past are start to scares him and cause painful emotions, pushing him straight into tragedy.
This is the only Serbian horror film to be included in the second edition of Phil Hardy's Overlook Film Encyclopedia: Horror (1994). It is also the only Serbian horror film included among 100 EUROPEAN HORROR FILMS in the eponymous book published by BFI and edited by Steven Jay Schneider.
Bosnian actor Mustafa Nadarević made absolutely marvelous performance, and director Goran Marković used some kind of blurred effect, giving more to the psycho atmosphere. In Serbia, this movie has very significant place in cinema history.



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