Vandalen:Vandals (2008) - Simon Steuri

Vandalen:Vandals (2008) - Simon Steuri


Director:Simon Steuri
Runtime:17 Minute
Genre:Drama, Short
Language: Swiss German
Subtitles:English, hard coded
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Jonas Ullmann
Nils Althaus
Franziska Schläpfer
Bardo Eicher
Alvaro Lobsiger
Yanik Müller


Sebastian and Johannes are very proficient as graffiti artists. The two of them have been painting for years and both are active taggers. In addition to this mutual passion, however, they are bound by a deep love for each other. No one in their neighbourhood is aware of this, and certainly no one from their scene. When Tika arrives, Sebastian feels more than just a mere attraction to her and succumbs to the temptation to express at long last a form of togetherness openly. Feeling betrayed, Johannes leaves, which forces Sebastian to recognise whom he really loves, and he tries everything to get Johannes back. The film tells of the difficult balancing act of two young men trying to live their love without betraying what is closest to their heart: painting.

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