Van Veeteren: Svalan, katten, rosen, döden [Swallow, Cat, Rose, Death] (2006) Daniel Lind Lagerlöf

Van Veeteren: Svalan, katten, rosen, döden [Swallow, Cat, Rose, Death
(2006) Daniel Lind Lagerlöf

Director: Daniel Lind Lagerlöf| Writers: Björn Carlström, Håkan Nesser | Cast: Sven Wollter, Chatarina Larsson, Gerhard Hoberstorfer, Philip Zandén, Agnes Hargne Wallander, Karin Knutsson, Jan Tiselius, Sven Angleflod, Anna Pettersson, Jan-Erik Emretsson | Genre: Crime, Thriller, Foreign | Cinematography: Rolf Lindströ | Editor: Jan-Olof Svarvar | Runtime: 89 Min | Format: DvdRip, Color, NTSC, Avi | Language: Swedish, with English subtitles included in rar files (srt) | Country: Sweden

Van Veeteren is a fictional retired Detective Chief Inspector and the main character in a series of ten novels by Håkan Nesser, of which nine have been filmed. In the films, Van Veeteren is portrayed by Sven Wollter.


Synopsis: Münster comes across the strangled body of a young woman in her home and surprises the murderer who is still on the premises. Though the murderer escapes, a rare book is found at the scene with a dedication by the killer. When another victim is uncovered, Van Veeteren's literary expertise is put to the test as it becomes clear they are dealing with a serial murderer who kills using names taken from 19th century crime novels. Which name will he use for his next victim?

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