Stormy Monday (1988) - Mike FIGGIS

(Drama, Thriller) Stormy Monday [DVDrip] 1988 BivX

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USA May 1988
Director Mike FIGGIS

The film's title is named after blues guitarist/singer T-Bone Walker's signature song "Call It Stormy Monday (But Tuesday Is Just As Bad)"

Cast/Avec Melanie Griffith, Sean Bean, Tommy Lee Jones, Sting...

For the Frenchies -->

A young man, Brendan (Sean Bean), seeks work in a jazz club owned by Finney (Sting). There is some suggestion that Finney has past connections with organized crime but is attempting to leave these behind. Two gangsters arrive to make Finney an offer he cannot refuse for his Club but Brendan overhears them and warns Finney who then turns the tables on them. At the same time Newcastle is preparing to host a visit from a group of American investors that it hopes to engage in a grandiose regeneration project. Kate (Melanie Griffith) a waitress has been recruited to service the delegation. Kate and Brendan meet and fall in love. Amongst the visiting group is Cosmo (Tommy Lee Jones) a corrupt business man who we learn uses Kate as a prostitute to secure business deals. It is Cosmo who has been putting the pressure on Finney as the Club stands in the way of his plans for the city leading to an eventual conflict.


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Don't worry about the RS Links or movie name ... it's the good film ...


Bobo said...

it's ruby cairo, not stormy monday

galmuchet said...

Don't forget to read what I wrote ... ;-=

Don't worry about the RS Links or movie name ... it's the good film ...

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